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‘The Help’ by Kathryn Stockett is a brilliant novel that revolves around the racial discrimination as it existed in the 1960s in the Southern states of the US. I realized I had a dark side in me when I read the book.. As much as my heart went out to the colored people who faced all the terrible discrimination and segregation at the hands of the so-called ‘higher’ class house wives, I enjoyed the fact that it was not just in India, the discrimination had existed and I realized I was entirely wrong to have felt ashamed at what had transpired centuries earlier in my country, thinking how can my fellow country men have been so blind. I dont know where the mistake lies, and why our educational system and our media and our political leaders till date, project only our discrimination in the poorest light and my generation as we grew up had a loss of pride for the shameful acts and discrimination in terms of working classes and religion. I still agree they were wrong, but singularly it was not only us and just because a wrong thing existed everywhere doesn’t make it right.  It is just that you accept it with a pinch of salt that we were also not spared as a country, as you read books from every part of the world, you would realize that the discrimination has existed EVERYWHERE in the world!

The author Kathryn Stockett wrote the book just as any other fiction, there is no depth in the novel, it is just plain sad to read how the Southerners treated their folk who ‘helped’ them run their households. And one thing that really set me wondering about the authenticity of the plot is how only women were shown in the poor light and men were totally excluded in the story. It is as though men folk did not have anything to do with the atrocity and that is not right. Anyway this book got me to pick up another novel – a real life story of what happened in Little Rock, Arkansas when desegregation of Public schools happened for the first time. The book ‘Elizabeth and Hazel – Two women of Little Rock’ again turned me very sad and made me ponder over the supremacy that people seemed to gain by just having a different melanin content in their skin.

‘Home Front’ by Kristin Hannah was a good read and it moved me to tears at many parts in the story. It was a beautiful story of two female friends who lived as neighbors, both serving in the military and how different their families regarded them. Reading up-close about the transitions in the personality of people from deployment was difficult to digest, and I would hate a country that would put me in such a position betraying my own family and for leaving me with nightmares about a lost-cause fight in a foreign country. Why should my country be the savior of all the people destitute across the world! Anyway it is not my fight or my country in question, so I cant wager this war. And I guess I am being very vocal about some of my strong feelings in this post, so I better collect myself before I go out of control.

Moving on from heavy subjects, if you are looking for a fresh thriller, you should pick up ‘Sister’ by Rosamund Lupton. You would love the eloquent, pitch-perfect writing of Rosamund Lupton and she beautifully creates characters who are as vividly alive in your mind as many other real people. The story is about two entirely different characters but very close sisters and  how the elder sister Bee doesnt accept her younger sister Tess’s ‘suicide’ and how she unravels the mystery. Surprises await at every turn and the climax was UNBELIEVABLE. I thank my dear friend Janani for suggesting this awesome novel of such a high caliber. It is a must-read…

I recently read again ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ and fell in love with the impeccable story telling style of Audrey Niffenegger. This book appeals to the hopeless romantic in me and it is such a beautiful love story though presented as a complicated fiction too, and how I wish I had met my DH when I was 5 years and hold on, I like that part but do not want the time traveling boy friend part though, in my real life.  I just can’t believe how patiently she stays behind and waits for him to come back every time. It is a LOVELY tale and my brief summary can do no justice to the story. I cant wait for S to grow old enough to read this book!

This, by far would I guess be my shortest post,  I have been adding a line here and there for 10 days now and I better publish this post today..  Life is getting busy with the warmer weather!!

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