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Funny me!

I dont remember when I spoke to anybody in the recent years for straight 5 minutes without a reference to my children. I dont recollect when that transition occurred may be somewhere around 2004 🙂  Not that I am upset or anything; still it is like I seem to have expanded myself to include my children as well. So when I think of me, I instantly think of my children first! Like today my friend asked when it would be a good time to talk to me and my answer was “you can call me anytime before 9.30 pm in the night… Thats when A would finally be asleep after his busy day!! He hardly sleeps during the day inspite of waking up at 7.00 am. And S wudnt even be asleep by 9.30 but she will be busy reading her library books anyway!” By any standards I think it was quite an extra information I gave to my friend.. Atleast before A arrived, it was only one kid I spoke about, now it is either I talk about both of them or not mention them at all  and believe me or not it takes so much effort to not mention them in my talk!!  I recently jeopardized my job opportunity with a popular IT company talking too much about my kids. The headhunter probably thought he would be hiring the three of us and end up paying for the three of us! 🙂 So now I try not to mention my kids when I talk to recruiters.. That said you would think the employers will be a little more sympathetic to moms! It is not that being mothers would affect the work in fact the mothers would complete tasks faster and waste little time at work to be back home with their kids.. That fact seems to escape some employers!! anyway as always I am branching out.. I will leave the companies alone for now…

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