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S and A have had their sudden growth spurts in the last few months! S seems to have entered her Tweens and A is already a pre-schooler! S turned 8 in Dec (I had to change ‘this month’ to Dec, just shows how long this post has been in drafts!! ) and it doesnt require a special mention that she was waiting for this a long time and from the first of the month, she has been excited about her big day!! She had a deal with us that instead of a party, she would get an Ipad and after her deal was final, whenever she saw something she liked she would be like if I had a party, may be I would have got this and may be now that I dont have a party, you can remember and get this for my next birthday! She had a quiet birthday, I had a treasure hunt organized for her with my dear friend G’s help and she loved it! A was all the more excited and he thought it was his bday too! S loved her gifts and she celebrated her bday with her two close friends going to a movie and with a sleepover.

A has become one smart cookie, knows all his alphabets, he doesn’t say M for W or W for M anymore, he seems to have mastered his letters and numbers! He has even started identifying the double digit numbers , mostly just 95, 43 – the Cars 2 movie car numbers! So I dont have to feel guilty anymore about not teaching him anything, he seems to learn on his own! πŸ™‚ So at his daycare, they have moved him to the Preschool section though he is not yet three! They say he is boredΒ  to spend time with little toddlers and is ready to move up! The only thing that was stopping them from moving him last year itself, is that he isn’t potty trained yet! Like how he learnt his alphabets, I am waiting for some magic to occur so hez suddenly trained! So far it hasn’t happened but am still keeping my fingers crossed! After a particularly smelly poop, he says ‘Oh my goodness, Amma, come with me to the bathroom!’.. At least he is repulsed enough to change immediately. Also he uses potty term quite loosely when he is not ready to leave for school. He would say, I need to go potty and sit in the can leisurely singing his songs!!! I would be late for a call and would be shouting at him to be done already and he will be then say, it is not yet time and leave the bathroom!! πŸ™‚

You ask the duo to search for say a missing remote, S would just pretend to search moving from couch to couch and A would move in the room, literally calling out ‘Remote, where are you? ‘ , with his hands in his face, calling out gesture!! At times I wonder if they make fun of me in their own way. They always seem to be conspiring against me and my DH! I am just glad they get along well enough to at least team against us… πŸ™‚ S gets mad at A when she has her friends for playdates or sleepovers when they just adore A and not play with her.. They want to include A but clearly that’s not S’s idea of an ideal play date, so she complains to me that I should take him out when she is with her friends!

I went on an onsite trip for a work week and was away from the duo for 5 days; I did find out one thing, that I have been overrating my importance in the family! My DH had done an amazing job handling the kids and they dint skip school or even one extra curricular class that week and anytime I called he sounded so calm, unlike me who would be at the end of wits when he goes on business trips. A cried a little on the first day, but then he just got adjusted, I tried not to talk to him over phone. Now whenever I trouble him with food, he says Amma you go to Columbus! πŸ™‚ So now he thinks he can actually get rid of me this way!! S has her own email id now, that she uses with our supervision. She sent cute emails to me when I was away!! Love her little chat messages that she sends from her laptop (our old one that she uses). She had also left a very nice miss you and love you note in my luggage for me to find when I was there. I showed it around to everyone at work proudly!! When A met me at the airport, he was overwhelmed with emotion and kept kissing my hand all the way back home. It was such a lovely feeling to be missed and loved by him! Halfway home, he did realize suddenly and asked me for the gifts I promised before I left. πŸ™‚

It has been so long since I started this post and right now I can almost say, the potty train has left our home!! πŸ™‚ A is potty trained and wears pull-ups only for his naps and that too for our sake!! He has become a private person and the minute he enters the bathroom, he would be like, Shoo Shoo Amma, Go away, I will call you when am done! πŸ™‚ He has become one ‘Mr. Talkative’ and talks for hrs together, he launches his cars from a rocket (S’s pencil box) and shouts a countdown sequence followed by ‘Blast Off’.. S admires his talking and tells me ‘Can you believe we were worried about him not talking at 18 months?’ It feels good to know that she was concerned too and that she is such a good big sister appreciating all his milestones!

This year on A’s birthday S has two competitions and even the small party we may have it is going to be either before or after his birthday. The ever thoughtful S says she is ready to pull out of the competition for his birthday sake. When I told her it is okay, she says we would be a little harsh on A when he keeps running around in the competition area. She doesn’t think it is fair on her part to give him a hard time on his birthday! That was the sweetest thing she has ever said as a big sis so far!! I am really proud of her and I don’t know what we are doing, I think we should continue the same, so the kids remain thoughtful! πŸ™‚

S proved once again that she is a super girl by performing in the Minnesota kids nite organized by friends here in the twin cities. She hardly practiced at home but rendered a very confident performance at the show. The best part was when she actually slipped in a place, but rolled her eyes are though it was a technical difficulty of the Karaoke track! She made us proud and we were beaming!Β  Seeing her performance, her piano teacher has told she has to sing when she plays her piano from now on and she is progressing at a very fast pace in her Piano too!

S had to move schools yet again due to our home move and as always she embraced change so easily, I got to learn that from her, how she is able to see the positives of a move and get on so easily. I am still missing our old neighborhood but she has made so many new friends in her school and she is also placed in a gifted and talented classroom and her teacher thinks she is AWESOME!Β  πŸ™‚ A loves S’s new school and keeps telling he wants to go to that school though he has to wait for 2 more years! Inspite of our move, we are still sending A to his old pre school as unlike S he wouldnt appreciate a change that well and I dont want all the potty training efforts to backfire if he is not comfortable at a new place. A loves his teacher Kelsey so much that he even picks up Tshirts in the morning and says ‘Ms. Kelsey likes this shirt and I have to wear it to school’!! So unless Ms. Kelsey moves to a school in our neighborhood it is going to be difficult to pull him away!

This morning at the dining table I was feeding him lunch and had to step out to take a phone call. When I was back I saw him playing with some quarters and dimes and when I fed him the next mouth, he stops me saying, ‘Amma, I am not paying money for food’. So much for maternal love, he thinks I am running a cafeteria! πŸ™‚

Life is true unadulterated bliss with the duo around!! Love them both to the moon and back…..

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I read in a book recently that the worst fear of any woman in her middle age is to hear someone say that she is turning out to be JUST like her mother.. I also heard the same statement in another movie and this just set me thinking if that’s applicable to me. If someone were to say that to me, that would be the GREATEST compliment I would ever receive. I am born to this incredibly amazing individual who has touched many lives and is still doing everyday! First of all, she makes these beautiful babies (including me.. ;)) , raises them so well and in the process, inculcates common sense and compassion in the kids and even in the friends of the kids. She is as selfless a person in a familial life can get and has never taught a wrong value to the four of us, her daughters. And she did all this with no help from baby center or any books. She had had all her babies before the age I was even married! And here I was at my marriage thinking I became committed a little too early and years before at the same age, my mom had 4 daughters already! I can just not fathom how scared she would have been holding me, her first-born when she was just 20 yrs old! πŸ™‚ i mean it was quite common in those days still, the mental strength she had moving away from her village to the city and from being a single totally adored daughter to being the 5th daughter-in-law in a huge joint family. She used to recount her early days that it took her a while to know everyone’s name and relationship in the family!!

When she learnt she was expecting my twin sisters in a scan that changed her life drastically, she had tears in her eyes seeing them in the scan. The scan people thought those were the first kids of the young lady lying there, when she said she already had two daughters at home, as expected, there was this loud sad sigh from the technicians. From then on, everywhere she turned, she was only getting sad stares and how she ever could raise and provide for 4 daughters with a single income was everyone’s concern! Then my parents had consciously decided that never would they let anyone’s reaction affect them and it was their duty to raise us and it cannot be anyone’s worry. They also decided not to react to the empathy and never give in or break down, no matter what they hear from others. That said, I don’t remember a single instance in all my life, when my parents worried over us – the fact about having all daughters. Of course we did not spare them of the typical worries any teenager or head strong children would give! We gave them our share of troubles and they did have to worry about that, it was just that any function we would attend, we would attract all the attention – the young parents with four daughters and they would just march in with their heads high and were never bored to repeat to people they were really not worried about our future! πŸ™‚

I have no idea how she provided for us with none of us ever thinking we were deprived of anything. There were not many hand-me-downs for my sisters as well. She was an excellent planner and had tremendous positive energy that permeated our whole household and no problems were ever too big for us to manage. I remember the super busy mornings when she gets breakfast and lunch fixed for all the four of us going to school and also simultaneously get us all ready. When it is time for our school van to pick us up a street away, she would be the first one to march out of our home with our bags calling for us – me and my first sis. πŸ™‚ We would then follow her and would be right in time for the van always. Now looking back, I cant believe how she kept the time with no calls to the van attender’s mobile, whereas I always used to check with S’s van attender before coming out of the home to wait for her school van! πŸ™‚ After sending us off, she would take my youngest twin sisters to the local school. All four of us never missed a competition at school, especially the fancy dress competition or any other activity requiring parent-involvement, she always had time for all of us. We never felt deprived of her attention or time.

She was very particular on our extra-curricular activities as well! Both me and my first sis, were quite regular to music classes till one day a mosquito entered my mouth during an Alapanai and that stopped me from going anymore.. Even at that young age, I remember skipping music class with another friend of mind and visiting a neighboring woods. As our luck turned out, we were caught the same day when my sister reported to my mom of my absence in the class and also the music teacher’s family person met us at the woods and brought us back home. I still remember how my mad my friend’s parents were and remember her cries after the beating she received; but my mom was cool as a cucumber and just told me about all the things that could have gone wrong that day and that scared me more than anything. She made me promise I would never do that again. It is not that she was never mad with us, but she always knew at every situation what kind of her reaction would have the maximum effect on us! She also signed me up for a Hindi tuition 12 miles away from my home! After school, for two days in a week I used to take public transportation up and down from Porur to Triplicane, for 1.5 hours to attend a half hour class. She wanted what was best for us, even if it meant trouble for her and for us. She was bold and wanted nothing less than that from us; I cant imagine sending S for a class that far away, however important that could have been.

Growing up, I had no trouble sharing any of my secrets with her and she would never judge me or my friends even after knowing what we have been upto! πŸ™‚Β  And now that all our sisters are in our own families, she has turned out to be a wonderful in-law as well to our husbands and she never questions our decisions and has 0% interference in our lives. That is such a rare quality right, even if we ask her for advice, she would stop with just that and not try to influence us at all. That has made her the special MIL to our spouses! Anyway there is no way I can talk about her in just one post! This is like less than 1% of all the wonderful memories I would like to share! May be I should write a separate book!! πŸ™‚

This is the Super woman in my life who shaped my life and is still making me better, with many of her insights and I owe anything that is good in me to her. πŸ™‚

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A has started daycare recently and has been having really sad days. Of course sometimes it is difficult to understand who is more sad, him or me. We have been together from the day he was born or rather from the day he started growing inside me, and have never been away from each other for more than 3 hrs! So it is just IMPOSSIBLE for me to get used to not having him around. I have these panic attacks suddenly that I have ignored him and he is up to some mischief in the other room or worse hurt himself. I can just not explain that sudden fear that rises in me and after a moment’s realization, subsides. I end up crying for no reason during the day, I know really stupid of me to behave such, knowing this is just a passing phase and that both of us will settle into this routine as well… Anyway I just wanted to recap the first week of A’s daycare experience.

The first day he had no idea what he was getting into, he was busy exploring the toys in the toddler room. We caught him quite unawares when we waved bye and left the room. I could hear his screams even down the hallway. He refused to move away from the door and kept screaming, arching his back and falling down in the floor.. 😦 I was feeling TERRIBLE and I stayed in the hallway with my book. Since they had no way of quieting him down, they advanced their outside play time and took A outside with the other kids into the play area. That brought a change in his attitude! He stopped crying and started looking at the kids playing swings et al. But he refused to leave the teacher’s finger. I was watching him from outside and it broke my heart to see A holding on to a total stranger, he thought of all the people there, since I had spoken to that teacher for a while that morning, she was the closest he had as a kin.. He always waits to see us accept strangers before he accepts them. When some friends come home for the first time, he would watch S and us talk to them and if S seems to be fine with them, then they are fine for him as well. In the absence of S, he will watch our reaction to the new people. So his acceptance pretty much is decided on how we behave with the new guys.. I guess this will be his route till he grows up to have his own opinions! πŸ™‚ The three hours I waited that first day seemed the longest to me, and I just couldn’t gather myself to read a single page ofΒ  Shogun. I kept repeating prayers for his sake. When the teachers or the Center directors came to me to update me about him, they found me in tears and were all so empathetic and in fact a couple of them hugged me, to comfort.. πŸ™‚ Looking back it does seem like quite a drama but that’s how the day unfolded. When I went to pick him up, he pouted his lips and came to me with this HUGE tears in his eyes. It was sooo sad.. 😦

The second day was no better than the first, and in fact turned out to be worse because the one teacher he bonded with the earlier day was off from work and it was a rainy day and so there can be no outside play.Β  But the third day was much better and he had actually even tasted his lunch!! πŸ™‚ He did not cry when I picked him up in the afternoon, so that was good!!Β  Thursday again he was kind of fine but resorted to violent ways!! Looks like he kept taking his shoes off and was throwing them at his teachers! There was a “Whoaa”Β  reaction from his teachers who are used to quite docile kids..Β  At last they removed his shoes and kept them in his cubby to prevent him from teaching the act to other kids! πŸ™‚ He had also vehemently refused to participate in the group time, he was running around while all kids sat down to music and story time. Friday was a better day according to his teachers, as he did not do anything violent in the class! Also he had ‘kind of’ participated in the group time! Looks like he did sit in a chair during the group time just that he turned the chair away from the kids and sat!! I think it was his way of still protesting the change!

All through the week he hardly ate any lunch there, so I would bring him home and feed him lunch. Poor guy, he refused to take even his afternoon nap, fearing I may take him back to the daycare. He would be real clingy to me till S and my hubby came home. We decided to do full days from this week to get him to eat food there.. This week has been kind of good in the sense that he does get ready in the morning, knowing he is going to daycare. Since he just adores S and wants to do all that she does, he likes to get ready when she gets ready for school and go out with her to wait for S’s school bus. Only after she leaves in her bus, his face would show a slight reaction to the next step, getting into the car to go to his daycare.. He would start resisting slowly but not much, he would again cry when we get out in the parking lot of the day care! Even while he is crying, he would still keep walking to his class!!! Over there he would take me around the class and show his kitchen area, and the toys he plays with, but mind you, he would still be crying!! πŸ™‚ At least now he knows he cant really avoid this and kind of accepts with grace, still wants to play games with my mind by crying!! Once I am back home, I call the daycare to find out how he is doing, they invariably say, oh he stopped crying almost right after you left!!

Of course I am waiting for the day when he would march into the class smiling!! Wishful thinking but am sure A would give me that pretty soon!!

LoveΒ  you lots little handsome A!! Sorry for leaving you there, but you can turn this around by having fun there!!

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Wish I grow up soon!

Well, I turned 33 last week and I mother two kids, but does that mean I am all grown up… Nope and this birthday proved it yet again!! I declared to my DH a couple of weeks back that this year we will not celebrate our birthdays but wait and later celebrate after I land in a job – Ours are quite close just 15 days apart! However from my childhood days, birthdays have always been special to me, even as I grew up, the attachment to it has not faded.. After two kids, still I get excited when July arrives… πŸ™‚ In fact now it does make me older, but that hasn’t affected how I feel about birthdays…

During childhood, the excitement may be because birthdays meant new dress and that too just for me and not for anyone else in the family!! Once June sets in, the excitement would begin and would only increase many-fold, once the birthday dress is purchased. I used to celebrate three birthdays every year : One – my date of birth, Second – the day my birth star falls and Third – The first Aadi Tamil month Friday ( I was born on the first friday of that month!).. Of course there was only one new dress reserved to be worn to school on the DOB.

During those days, I used to wait till the day ended and at night try to remember the friends who had missed the birthday and then begin questioning them the next day! πŸ™‚ that used to be the fun part.. But these days with the social networking sites, even people who may not know your birthday find the day and wish you promptly! So I am not able to corner my friends anymore.. that fun is lost, still this year there was one close friend G who had missed wishing me (apparently she hadn’t logged into face-book that day!) and guess what I did, called her and left a message prompting her to wish me.. πŸ™‚ So that’s how kiddish I am when it comes to birthday..

Back to the D-day, it was such another low-key day in the morning, that I wished I hadn’t said no celebration this year.. How can I not get at least a card in the morning right! Foolish me was looking for some surprise card or simple gift in the kitchen, I even checked the microwave, knowing that is the first stuff I use, to make coffee in the morning; I was like this would be a perfect place to keep my gift..Β  But once I knew my DH has taken what I told quite seriously, I moved around seeming alright, inside I was fuming, how it can turn out to be an ordinary day.. 😦 To make matters worse, when I spoke to folks back home, they did not remember it was my birthday and I was not feeling quite good to tell them myself.. And the worst bit was when they asked me to not forget to wish another relative the next day! 😦 Imagine my plight at that…Β  In spite of S telling them over phone about some surprise she was going to plan in the evening; she locked herself in her room when she said that but I was able to hear her nonetheless! Anyway after we hung up, I guess they did end up looking at the calendar so I got a call a hour later wishing me.. So I kind of forgave them and lied to them that what are birthdays when all I do is end up getting older.. πŸ™‚

As how always things end up getting worse once the day begins lousily, for no reason our western toilet started overflowing.. 😦 I called the apt office but I had to wait for an hour before that could be fixed. Protecting A from venturing in the bathroom while I used all the wash clothes and mats to soak up the water so the damage would be confined to the bathroom..Β  It was kind of a worst nightmare ever… My DH did offer to come back from work to fix this, and did not want me to do anything till he came in..Β  But I magnanimously asked him to continue working while I take care of it..Β  So after the plumber fixed the issue, I had to scrub the floor with bleach cleansers and take all the mats to laundry. It took better part of three hours before I could bring some normalcy to the home, meanwhile S and A were both screaming with hunger.. Ended up taking a second bath to feed them, and then returned to cleaning again.. It was QUITE a morning!!

We also had a dentist appointment for S that day, so had another proper bath after the cleaning ended, the third that day, I did not even feel like wearing a new dress. This is the first year when I have skipped wearing a new dress for the birthday.. There is alwaysΒ  a first right, so this was that day..Β  We went to the dentist appointment and that was when the day seemed to turn around for me! My kids as always charmed everyone there and wherever I turned, people were like you have beautiful kids.. And S talked a lot to the Dr, she had her list of questions to ask the dentist, starting from “Are tooth fairies real?” to “Why would my gums bleed at times?”. When the doctor asked her if she had moved in recently to the States, she gave a two minute long answer starting from where she was born to all the places she had visited and how she is not sure how long she will be here in the US now.. The dentist turned toΒ  me and said “I bet there will never be a dull moment at your household”. πŸ™‚

After the dentist appointment, S and my DH drove away from home to the mall nearby and then I knew what surprise they were talking about.. They let me and A at the play area and ventured into JCP.. I told my hubby to not let S get anything extravagant and as I knew S would be upset if I want to return it. Anyway the duo were gone for around 20 mins and brought back the wonderful thoughtful gifts.. I have to mention this; right in the middle of shopping, S ran to me hiding something behind her back and told me, “I am getting something for Appa but want that to be a surprise for him, so told him the gift is for you.. So please act so.”. She is a drama queen and even when she is picking one for me, she is dramatizing the situation, thinking she can confuse me with new facts!!

S got me a beautiful sterling silver necklace with a big S pendant and two hearts at both the corners of the letter S. She said one heart was her and the other A. I just loved it and wearing it everyday now. She has asked me to treat it like my thaali and not remove it! πŸ™‚ But then she did add, since it is letter S pendant and stands for Sahaana may be I can share it with her when she goes to school all dressed up some day!! πŸ™‚ So she picked up a gift that would suit her too, smart gal!! My DH got me a very nice sun glass black tinted. The one I have is with brown lens and have always wanted one black, he had remembered that and got me!!Β  We ended the day having my ever favourite mexican food! So that was how the day went!!

It was definitely not the lack of presents that put me off in the morning, I sure know better than to associate happiness to presents. It is just that growing up, birthdays were always dear to me, and somehow it was like THE special day and you get all the attention, my phone wouldn’t stop ringing and friends would pour in.. Now with all these additional growing up expected out of me due to motherhood et al, still my bday is a day when I slip in back to my teens and love and expect appropriate pampering, adulation and limelight! πŸ™‚ Is it too much to ask???

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I know I have only been blogging about S and not a word about A. It is not that am partial! To be frank I was indeed very apprehensive when I discovered A’s presence in my tummy, I wondered if I can love another child as much as I loved S. Till that moment S had an all-pervading presence in my life. A very good friend of mine who had two kids then, answered my question about sharing love in a very beautiful manner. She said with each pregnancy the mother’s heart just doubles, to accommodate the new child.. It became sooo true… The moment I set my eyes upon A, it was like a fresh motherhood all over again…

As special as it was when I first held S, it was no different holding A for the first time too. He invoked such wondrous feelings in me, that my heart just burst with happiness. The first time I saw S and A together in that hospital room is still so vivid to me and I will never forget the wonder in S’s eyes when she saw A and how even then on day one,Β  A seemed to sense S’s presence and turn to her.

It was quite funny that the first day S met A at the hospital, she wore a T shirt with the caption “Allergic to boys”. I did not note that till a friend of mine pointed that out in the first pictures of the duo I had shared!!

A was kind of the perfect baby any mom would love to have. He was a small baby mostly lost in meditative states, he even folded his legs when he was hardly two weeks, giving a Dhakshinamurthy posture!!Β  He gave me enough time to get adjusted to the ‘new mother’ condition. He was a lovely little bundle of joy sleeping most of the nights, without troubling me. But he was so good at it, I mean sleeping through the night, that we ended up having a lot of nursing issues! Apparently he loved me so much that he did not even want to trouble me by nursing!! But boy , that made me so sad. No one would believe a mother would be having nursing issues for the second kid. The initial months were so difficult that even in Chennai I ended up hiring lactation consultants, unheard of in Chennai!! But A and I battled through the tough times and now after he turned one,I introduce a bottle to him, he flatly refuses, giving me a look ” Don’t you remember how hard it was for you to make me forget this and now YOU are offering the same to me??” Same reaction to sippy cups too!! So A is the kind of baby who refuses to take milk in any form other than from me!! I don’t know how long this is going to continue though!! I am kind of leaning towards ‘baby-led-weaning’ this time around as I am a stay-at-home mom now..

A would have been the only baby at 13 months, to have had JUST solid foods all through the flight travel from Chennai to Minneapolis!! πŸ™‚ I remember when attending my cousin’s wedding, the caterer came to me and said, “Thambikku paal venumna sollu ma, kondu varrennnu!” (Let me know if you need milk for the little one). After that guy left, my sis and I couldn’t stop laughing for a long time! This thambi is not just another little one who would gladly drink milk!

When A was in my tummy, I got advice from everyone about how I should make sure S doesn’t feel left out after A’s birth. So my standard response to that was I would only be concentrating on S, as for the first one year, all the baby would care was feeds from the mother, otherwise the baby would just grow up! I will make sure S accepts the little addition before concentrating on A. I am sure A kept hearing all that and wondering if I knew what was in store for me. So it turned out that he did take ALL my attention!!! A had two surgeries in the first year, one right when he was 45 days old and the next when he was 10 months old. It killed me to send him off with the nurse to the operation theater both times and Oh my, the waiting was horrible in its own way.The wait outside the theater would literally tear me apart and I would start breathing normally only when the nurse hands him over to me after the procedure; he would be wailing so loud, still that wailing sounded like Beethoven to me. I hope to God his suffering and surgeries for this birth are over and he lives a long and healthy life that he deserves!

As A is growing, it is evident how he just adores S and is fascinated by her. Even in his deep sleep, he would know the minute S is home from school. It is like the Mudhal Mariyathai movie : Sivaji – Radhika scene, he would open his eyes the moment S opens the front door. Though S excludes A in her playing, he would be around hoping she would change her mind! It would be heartbreaking to see him cry with huge baby tears when S in her sibling-hatred moment, would just close the door to her room, so he cannot enter and trouble her. In those instances, I would side A and force S to include him. Then I would end up hearing her complain how I have changed so much and how I prefer A over her..Β  πŸ™‚

Unlike S’s first year, I have been with A all his first year as I was working from home, and then quit that as well. So he thinks, I am an extension of him or the other way around. He needs to see me the moment he gets up, if not, all the hell would break lose. However much he would accept others, I need to be around in his vicinity all the time. He is turning out to be a typical ‘Amma-kondu’. I hope he gets over this, once he starts daycare.

He would usually rush to my lap the moment S comes to me, as if establishing his claim. He cannot even accept my DH sitting next to me in the couch, he HAS to come and sit between us, leaning on me!!! The other day, instead of S leaning on me as usual, I went to her side and was cuddling up to her. A found this very amusing and did not know how to respond!! He wore such a funny expression and I immediately asked my DH to capture it for me in a picture.

A seems to have completed our family and I am not even able to recollect how it was when it was just the three of us. My DH V is waiting for him to grow up so he can share all his sports passion with him. S has clearly expressed her total disinterest in the UN-girly sports et al;Β  So it is going to be interesting watching A grow up and the duo get hooked up to sports!

P.S : I said A ‘seems’ to have completed our family because this motherhood feels so nice, that I wouldn’t mind undergoing this all over again.. Now that I know the heart expands, I can love another little one as much as I love S and A… πŸ™‚ I am sure my DH would be terrorized by such a thought, but strangely it does appeal to me!! πŸ˜‰

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I did mention in my earlier post that I was going to gift a letter to my hubby for our wedding anniversary. I did and embarrassed him much! He is not a person who can take flattery easily! πŸ™‚Β  Though I told him the letter just lists the stuff I love about him, occasion being our anniversary, I did not want to touch upon the dislikes, so he can be assured that I do have some stuff I dislike! Still it was tough for him to accept it gracefully!! πŸ™‚ Anyway I am just publishing the censored version of a part of the letter I gave him. I want everyone to know what a great guy he is and how incredibly lucky I am!!

So here it goes!

It is our wedding anniversary! We have had wonderful, memorable, great, not-so-great, not-great-at-all moments in all these years together!!Β  And every one of those moments was special to me no matter what, because it was with you I lived and shared those moments..

I am so glad you are part of my life. I love you for being my most adorable purushan and more than that, for the wonderful dad you are to our kids!

I will be thankful eternally to all the so-called-planetary elements that brought us together!

We are so attuned to each other that I dont ever have to explain myself even during my freak days! I love your total and unconditional acceptance of me!

I love our one-night-only rule so we can have the CRAZIEST fights and not worry about the repercussions, becoz we would be fine the next morning! πŸ™‚ Isn’t that cool??

I love the way you avoid taking sides when I just vent out my frustration about any of our close kin, and just patiently listen me out, thus bringing my temper down.

I love how you are always ready to take care of our kids when I am in that last few chapters of the book I am reading! Who can be that lucky to have a hubby who is so responsive to her reading needs?!

And of course I love to read books nudging against your shoulder while you are busy reading your book! πŸ™‚ I know some people may find us crazy reading our brains out when we have the private time! But hey this is our way of being totally happy! So what!! πŸ™‚

I love how you always know when I need an ice cream, though I would clearly say I dont need it and how I am on a diet! πŸ™‚

I love how you make sure, first it is I who eats the dinner, on my fasting days. You would not even allow me to feed the kids before I have my first meal of the day at dinner time! Such a caring hubby you are; though you dont like me fasting, you dont stop me!

I love how we just live our lives the way we like, with very little compromises. You dont expect me to change at all in any way, it is only me, the bad me who forces you at times to try stuff you dont like! I promise I would try not to do that often this year and eventually stop doing that too..

I love how you have the same rasam for three consecutive days and still everyday say it is good! πŸ™‚ You would in all probability be the only husband who scolds a wife who cooks everyday!

I love how you love to put the kids to sleep. You would not mind rocking A for even an hour to put him to sleep, though in the end, Hyperactive A would sleep for hardly 15 mins! Nothing deters you from parenthood, changing dirty nappies or washing soiled clothes or handling colicky babies; you are the best dad, any wife can hope from her hubby!!

I love how you try to surprise me on my birthdays with great salwars! Though you know I never pick up the ones you show me during our shopping trips. That doesnt deter you from choosing stuff for me and I love it how I end up liking the dresses you gift much more than the ones I would have spent hrs choosing!

I love how you never hover over me when I am at my mom’s place! How you wait till I make the call to you even if it is 24 hrs after I leave you.. You find it perfectly alright that I forget to call you when I meet my mom or sisters! πŸ™‚

I love the way you treat my parents and sisters and how they all warm up to you. I love how my dad listens to you more than me! I totally love the way you embraced my whole family!

I love you for not getting bothered at all with my quite long conversations over fone with my best friends! You seem to be content with the fact that at least none of my best friends are in our neighborhood! πŸ™‚

I love the way you respect my space and dont pry into my stuff. You know I have been blogging recently, still you do not ask me for the site, you know I would share it with you when I am ready.

My love list for you would go on and on, my dear! Thank you for finding me and being a part of my life.. I dont know what I would do withoutΒ  you!! Happy Anniversary!

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A few days back, I had penned a Father’s day post for the blog and as my practice is, I had the text typed in a notepad before posting it in the Blog. S happened to see the text and started reading it. She read the entire post, she is a smart cookie at 6! πŸ™‚ Cant pass up a chance of doting on my darling daughter. πŸ™‚
Anyway she came to me and complained that it only talks about her dad and not about how good a daughter she is to him! To placate her I showed her the post “Did it hurt when you fell form heaven” and she sat down in a chair and took the next 15 minutes to completely read the post and guess what she did after that. She came right to me glassy eyed and gave me a tight hug and said “Oh amma, you love me so much! I understand it now and I love you too..” It was so moving and I wish I could just freeze that moment for ever. I am getting teary as I type this.. These kids do get you all mushy mushy right… A also rushed in and joined in the group hug, grinning his best smile.. I love both my kids so much that my heart just bursts at times like this..

And anyway S quickly brought me back to reality as well! She stepped back and told me, “So now I have to grow to be an adult and write about my feelings in my blog so YOU will know how much I REALLY love you.” I am quoting her verbatim.. I was quite stunned at how she could turn around the whole situation. Of late she acts as a sulky daughter prying for attention every stage and thinks the so called fun of having a sibling is highly overrated. πŸ™‚

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