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I notice that in my blog, the least read posts are those related to my book thots! Still I do want to continue this.. It is that I usually run out of books to suggest, when someone asks me for a decent read and from my reading speed, newer books overwrite the old ones and I tend to forget what I have read and how I felt about them except for those exceptional ones that moved me! So I am trying to capture here, in my blog, the books I read as well! On an average I read about 2 books a week and it has increased to 5-6 now that I have more time and access to the US public libraries! To me a trip to the library is more fun than even shopping trips, and the joy of discovering new authors, new books, it is so much fun!! Books brought me and my DH together and I am one of those lucky ones who did not have to curb the book reading habit after wedlock! In fact after the marriage I began reading even more voraciously!! But the only cliche to this is that we dont read the same books! If a Venn diagram is drawn to represent the genres we read, the intersection part would be sooo slim!! So if i have to review a book with someone, I first have to sell the book to my book reading friends, wait for them to complete the book and then discuss! So this blog spares me from troubling my friends from reading the books.. Anyway this post is going to deal with more than a book!!

1. Edge by Jeffrey Deaver

I have read a lot of Jeffrey Deaver’s books and this one was really a Spine-tingling thriller!! The story about a US Govt agency protecting a family from a ‘lifter’. This ‘lifter’, a new word to me, refers to a person who literally ‘lifts’ or extracts information from a target person by any means necessary, more often psychologically coercing them by targeting people close to the victim. The catch in this novel, was that the protagonist Corte knew only the last name of a family and initially assumed the DC detective, the father in the family to be the victim of the ruthless lifter Henry Loving. Later by elimination there are other speculations about who might actually be the target of the ‘lifter’, and in the end the victim happens to the least suspected person in the family. It was definitely a page-turner.  There were enough unexpected twists in the stories to keep you hooked. The Protagonist had prior history with the lifter; he had lost his mentor to him few years earlier during another case. So  was he taking the ‘shepherding’ of the family a little too personally and trying to outsmart the lifter putting this family in the war zone… Maybe… but this whole concept of shepherding the families from a lifter and trying to out-think the lifter’s every move was very absorbing!

First my DH read this book and I noticed how hooked he was to it and when I chided him about that, all he said was wait till you read the book! 🙂 And I did understand what he was saying when I read the book. A definite read folks!! Don’t miss it.

2. Vine of Desire by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

This book is a sequel to CBD’s Sister of my heart that introduces to soul sisters Sudha and Anju. We journey through the interwoven lives of the cousin sisters Anju and Sudha in both the books and see them pass through childhood, teens and into womanhood.  The first book dealt with the sisters initial years in India but Vine of Desire brings the sisters together in the land of desire USA and how they are tragically separated forever. The author writes her prose close to poetry and her similes are excellent all through the book and at one point you would long to just interfere in their lives and make sure Sudha and Anju do not drift away. The hopes and dreams of the Indian immigrants are beautifully portrayed and it does hint how many folks look at settling in the US as a way to evade interference from immediate family. I personally liked the first book Sister of my heart better than this.

On a separate note, I would urge you to read “Palace of Illusions” by CBD. It is a narration by Draupati of our epic Mahabharatha ! The women’s perpective to the epic, it is and more importantly, a woman from the same epic! I found it very enthralling and it was one of those books my DH did not want to read, saying the epic is quite close to his heart and would not want to know CBD’s take on the story! 🙂

3. Eat, Pray and Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

I heard nothing but raving reviews for this book and have been waiting to read it. In India, I was quite busy with A the first year so just could not find time for a non-fiction like this, which I thought would invoke introspection. But I was quite wrong, now that I have read it, I do not think this book is great or worth any introspection at all. There was no depth in the narration and somehow it did not appeal to me at any level. I did read through the book wondering if  may be at some point I would be impressed. Here the author spends the trying time after her difficult divorce, in three parts, in Italy(Eat), India(Pray) and Love(Indonesia). May be I was wrong in expecting too much just based on the reviews. The author herself doesn’t commit that it is going to be a spiritual journey of any sort, all she is doing is capturing her one year of soul-searching in a memoir fashion. From the background I come from, being divorced from a marriage because she realized she is not cut out for motherhood and then being dumped by a boyfriend during the divorce proceedings, doesn’t qualify her to be a devastated woman, especially since she sets out on this one year journey after the $200,000 book advance!  It is just the hype associated with the book that may be forced people to like it whether it appealed to them or not. Anyway let me stop judging others perspective. I was not impressed and there it ends!

4. Boy meets girl by Meg Cabot

Wow!! This made such a hilarious read!! Another kind of epistolary novel, the entire book is made up of emails, letters, office memos, transcripts from IM conversations and messages on answering machine of the telephone!! You will not find any chapters at all. You can just breeze through the  book in half a day and I guarantee every page would make you laugh at least once!!

In short, the story is about on Kate Mackenzie a HR rep who works for a TOD (Tyrannical Office Depot)  engaged to a snobbish lawyer Stuart Hertzog. As much as Kate hates her boss and her fiancee she ends up fancying Stuart’s handsome brother Mitchell. She ends up meeting lawyer Mitchell when she is forced by her TOD to fire the most popular cafeteria employee who makes the BESTEST desserts in the world. You will also end up with a sweet tooth hearing about the mouth-watering desserts of the dessert lady! 🙂

I have two more books that I have read but I guess they can wait for a later post! I have been working on this post for few days now and I would rather post this today!!

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