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My husband has been getting some strange calls in his mobile these days from little ones who would hang up with either “Never mind” or “Later then”. He asked me if S has been giving his numbers out to her new friends, I had confidently told him I have only writing our home number and address for her friends in labels. I did not think she would have remembered my hubby’s mobile number. But looks like she has been happily writing out his number to all her new ‘best friends’ at school and her friends have reported that her dad has a weird(?!!) voice that puts them off from asking for her. So at last yesterday she ended up telling this so he will hand over the phone to her this weekend if he receives calls from her friends. That’s when we clarified to her that she has to only give our home number and also inform us when she shares her number. Today when she returned from school, she was horrified to see her room all messed up by A and said to me, her room cannot be in that state when her friends were coming over. Even then I did not really notice what she was saying, she loves to have people over so thought like all days she imagines her friends would come over without an invitation from me to their parents. I was  just waiting for at least a month in school to pass, to see who still stays in her friend’s list and then plan some event at home. But looks like she had other plans; She had asked two of her friends to positively come over and also promised them dinner at a restaurant. She has given them the home numbers today after our advice yesterday.

I was busy watching Airtel Super Singer and skipped even the usual grocery shopping done on Fridays! At 6.00 in the evening, I get a call in our land line from one of her friends asking me to repeat our address for her mom. I was so shocked and just had to cover up for S. The mom on the phone said her daughter was creating a ruckus at home about visiting us and wanted to know our address so she can bring her kid over. She said they were already in the car, so my hubby and I had less than 10 mins to clean at least the living room to a presentable state. S coolly said, “I did tell you but you guys weren’t listening..” In few minutes another mom called me and got the address but also added that they had other plans tonight and so they could not come over for S’s party! I am sure she would have noted the relief in my voice, and said her daughter does the same thing and the second graders think they are now old enough to hang out in each others houses on their own accord and we need to get used to such surprises thrown at us. 🙂

In 10 mins, the friend of S came with her mom and it was all drama for the first five mins when they hugged each other et al, as though meeting after ages! Her mom was very nice and said she has another older daughter and she is used to all this drama. I had nothing to offer her too, was feeling quite sheepish, but she made it easier saying she would leave and come back in 2 hrs to pick her daughter up. The best part was when S’ friend H asked us about the restaurant we may go for dinner, then her mom stepped in and said that can wait for another day. I came clean with her mom about how all this was a surprise to us, she said everyday her daughter also came home with plans about who would visit or not, but surely S is quite a social butterfly because her daughter insisted she had to visit S today or her relationship will be through with S! We were just laughing about all this. In fact this Monday morning, S told us that she and her friend H have decided to ditch school that day and then hangout at our place…  These kids sure do spend some good time planning out all this..  But anyway today was a TOTAL knockout to me and my hubby and we decided we better be prepared for many such surprises to come.

Thankfully there were few popcorn packets available at home and few other goodies too. First they went to a park nearby with my husband, played for a long time then came home for a cup of hot chocolate and then the duo watched Barbie’s Swan Lake munching on popcorns and cheese balls. For the theater effect, they wanted all the lights in the living room switched off and they were giggling through the movie! Somehow we pulled out an OK playdate I guess! We will be better prepared the next time as long as S gives us enough notice. We have to have a talk with her tomorrow about certain guidelines I guess!!! Today she was so elated it seemed unfair to break that elation and chide her.. So the task is off till tomorrow!!


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A few days back, I had penned a Father’s day post for the blog and as my practice is, I had the text typed in a notepad before posting it in the Blog. S happened to see the text and started reading it. She read the entire post, she is a smart cookie at 6! 🙂 Cant pass up a chance of doting on my darling daughter. 🙂
Anyway she came to me and complained that it only talks about her dad and not about how good a daughter she is to him! To placate her I showed her the post “Did it hurt when you fell form heaven” and she sat down in a chair and took the next 15 minutes to completely read the post and guess what she did after that. She came right to me glassy eyed and gave me a tight hug and said “Oh amma, you love me so much! I understand it now and I love you too..” It was so moving and I wish I could just freeze that moment for ever. I am getting teary as I type this.. These kids do get you all mushy mushy right… A also rushed in and joined in the group hug, grinning his best smile.. I love both my kids so much that my heart just bursts at times like this..

And anyway S quickly brought me back to reality as well! She stepped back and told me, “So now I have to grow to be an adult and write about my feelings in my blog so YOU will know how much I REALLY love you.” I am quoting her verbatim.. I was quite stunned at how she could turn around the whole situation. Of late she acts as a sulky daughter prying for attention every stage and thinks the so called fun of having a sibling is highly overrated. 🙂

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