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S’s school starts this Fall in the second week of September. I had sent her to a summer school for the months of June and July to get her acclimatized to the kids here. There were quite some expenses lined up for us and thought I can be prudent and have her at home for the month of August and save up on her tuition and get her new clothes for school and other stuff for her!! And you know anytime I end up planning to save money, all my activities get jinxed!! Read along and find out how I ended up with the most expensive pair of Oral B kid tooth brushes and the most expensive hair clip for S! 🙂

Remember the dentist visit I spoke about on my birthday! The dentist visit was suggested by S’s Pediatrician, he referred his own personal dentist. We were just overwhelmed during that visit as the Ped checked on both S and A and it was quite exhausting for us, as it was the first visit. So right after the Dr visit got over, we scheduled S for the dentist checkup the following week. All this happened at the Clinic named after our Health insurance provider, kind of their own clinic. So it never occurred to us to check if the Dentist was covered under our plan. Blissfully unaware, we took S to the Dentist on my birthday and again the Doctor and his assistant were charmed by S and A (or so they acted), and to check S’s jaw-line, took couple of X-rays as well. They showed S how to brush and gave her some advice related to maintaining her teeth health.  And just before we left, they suggested we bring A also for an appointment as it is better to have the teeth and jawline looked at, once the first tooth comes out.. We were very impressed with the antics of the duo and took the next available appointment with the dentist, the next week. Even in that week in between, it dint occur to us to check with the insurance!!

At A’s visit, A absolutely refused to let them handle his mouth so I ended up doing whatever they asked me to and the visit was over in like 5 mins! Again, everything was perfect for him, the same verdict as of S’s. At the end of the two Dentist visits, we ended up with Oral b brushes for both and Crest toothpaste samples! Thanks for the patience so far.. the best is yet to come…. Last week we received a notice from the health provider that we have to pay around 270$ for both the visits as the dentist we had gone to, was not somebody recognized by the insurance company. This was totally our mistake. We should have checked before setting up the appointment, however we were lost in the pampering of the Pediatrician and we had our chance at least after S’s appointment! We lost that too, this is what happens when you take your kids and get sucked into that myriad of adoration and adulation upon your children that confuse you and do just whats told to you without a sane thought! The irony was that we did call the Health insurance provider before the first appointment but that was just to confirm that the kids were covered, it could have taken a minute to confirm if the Dentist was in their list of preferred Doctors! But no, we didn’t do that and now we have the most expensive tooth brushes and paste with us!! $270 for a pair of toothbrushes!!

With just weeks to spare before the school year starts, we decided to do some shopping for S’s clothes. My DH dropped me and S at the Kohls store and he went to the library with A. We spent like close to two hrs picking, trying and shortlisting stuff to buy and then billed them, It was a super saver Saturday and also I opened a Kohls account to get a further discount. Overall was very happy with all the purchases and the so-called ‘savings’ we had made that day. S was very excited about a set of hair clips she purchased with some false colored hair attached. Against my wishes she took one purple color hair clip and put it on. After my DH returned, we went over to Old Navy, JC Penny and Sears! When we thought we had done enough shopping, we were about to go out of the shopping mall when we realized the Kohls’s cover was nowhere to be found. We had misplaced it somewhere and we traced back our shopping route, and checked everywhere in vain. So we lost all our precious shopping, except for the purple hair clip in S’s hair! Thats how we ended up with the most expensive purple clip – around $80 value! 🙂

Needless to say, I don’t have anymore smart saving plans… Now that I got busted twice, there is no point in trying right?? That said, since S has been home all this month, I hardly seem to have time for anything.. Have at least 2 blog entries in draft – finished so many books when S was playing at the laptop… Once her school starts,  I will be back to serious blogging!!

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