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This is again a post about not a single book,but many! I have been reading so many lately, but very little time to put them down in the blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

I found this new author M. L. Malcolm and read her debut novel which is the first one in a series of two books and I read the sequel right after. She was a good find! I mean I have been reading a lot of new authors and not many really hook you up with their style. This author has the makings of a good one. The books are very fast paced and she takes you to the place where the stories are set, takes you through the first world war and what it did to people. The books would appeal to any historical fiction reader. The books are Heart of Lies and Heart of Deception.

Heart of Lies – The protagonist is Leo Hoffman who is a multi-linguist Hungarian National who is extremely smart and can think on his feet. The first book is a beautiful love story between Leo and Martha and their love spans continents when Leo has to move to Shanghai to escape prison, start his life all over. It is just incredible that Martha leave her safety zone and travels all the way to Shanghai to join him. Their love story is woven around the WW I events and Shanghai seems to be a place without borders and where anyone can salvage their life! The author just transports you from Europe to Asia to Shanghai and you feel you are right there with the couple and watch them settle down and Leo getting embroiled in local politics and how he survives and emerges a winner in the end. When the first book ends, you just cant wait to pick up the sequel.

Heart of Deception – The sequel is as un-put-downable as the first one! This ventures into the later years of Leo and how he strives to connect with his daughter who is safe in America. It is not easy for him, as his daughter thinks he abandoned her and blames her for the loss ofย  The plot is riveting and enjoyable, and you almost feel bad when the book ends and you know there is no more to it.Leo continues to be a spy, working hard to gain entry to America, to be united with his daughter. The life of the spy and the many reasons that motivate them is portrayed beautifully and the rundown of the events in Morocco and North Africa during the WW II is awesome. It transports you to the places and makes you empathize for all those who worked in the ‘enemy’ territory during wars. I can read any number of books based on the world war and still be moved however lame the book may turn out to be. The way it affected people all around the globe is so terrifying and my secret desire is that there is never a WW III in our lifetimes or I should say rather never.. What if I get caught in one in my rebirth? ๐Ÿ™‚

This new author is definitely on my watch list so I read her new books!

I have been reading books off the shelves of the library at random these days, looking for interesting reads. One such book that I picked recently that was kind of good was ‘Rich Again’ by Anna Maxted.

Rich Again – The book cover was quite deceptive and I was expecting a chic novel, however it turned out to be a dark mystery novel. I could find in it the likes of Sidney Sheldon mystery – just that the plot here was quite deep and there was a dense story line building up. It talks about a dysfunctional family in which every family member is taunted by a mystery enemy force, no one even realizes that the misgivings they face are from a common enemy!ย  The climax is quite nail biting involving kids and is quite a fitting end, though it is quite a drama. A very different reading experience in the middle of historical novels!

After finishing this book, I picked up another one of Anna Maxted – Getting over it.

Getting Over it – This book was nothing like Rich Again, totally different, chic-book and completely funny! There was nothing remotely even dark about this. I even had to check if this was by the same author! Anyway here the story line was about a late twenties woman who loses her dad suddenly and how she ‘gets over’ the loss, all the while supporting her mom, even at the cost of ruining her romantic life. She suddenly finds her mom all dependent on her and she finds it quite choking and she has no time to relieve her sadness and seems to be reacting to everything that is happening around her rather than think and act! The mess she makes of her life and how she gets back in control is the book crux. There is a wry humor in every line and would bring a smile to your lips as you read it. It was an enjoyable read though it could have been cut short a bit, there were extensive chapters that you wish would end and the story would move! Anyway two different books from the same author. I am not sure I am ready for another Anna Maxted in the recent future.

The next book I read was so AWESOME and I am sure once I start about that, this post would not end any soon. So I am reserving it for the next post. Anyway the book I am referring to is Shogun by James Clavell.

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