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S started II grade last Tuesday. On her first day, I was having more butterflies in my stomach than her. I woke up at 5.30 am! Believe me it was such a challenge to wake up so early after the extended vacation I have had!! Anyway I packed rather over-packed her lunch, wasn’t sure if she would prefer Banana nut muffin or Cheezits for snacks, so packed both of them. For lunch made some Aloo Parathas – really small ones and some cut apples.. As an afterthought added a pack of Goldfish crackers and a granola bar as well in the bottom zip of the lunch bag! Needless to say except for the Parathas and some apples everything came back untouched – from S’s words I had packed snacks for the entire week on the first day! ๐Ÿ™‚

Both A and I missed her during the day, the home was EERILY silent and I seemed to have all the time in the world! We hadn’t even switched on the TV the whole time she was away at school!! I am used to spending so much time during the day asking her to switch off TV or clean up her mess; asking her to learn something rather than just read story books;ย  forcing her to have her meals faster and stop her from hogging up junk food while she watches TV. Believe me, motherhood brings unpleasant qualities in you that you never imagined you had, I mean I never thought I would be such a boring mother staying at the back of my daughter and troubling her. But that is parenting for you, we can all not be ideal mothers all the time… ๐Ÿ™‚ And kids are not super sweet all the time too.. You should see the way S rolls her eyes and says ‘REALLLLY Amma’, when I suggest something I think is cool and which is clearly not appealing to her!

Anyway on her first day to school, we found out there were quite a number of kids going to Public schools from our apartment. In fact we found that the boy who used to come around us with his dog, whenever I used to take S out for walks goes to her school. He always used to say Hi to S and try talking, but S never found a thing amiss and would just wave her hand and keep walking with me. ๐Ÿ™‚ You know the chemistry among kids do start early these days, so S though wants Justin Bieber posters in her room, doesn’t know how to spot a person interested in her! Thank God!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway that boy was pretty surprised that she is only in second grade, he is a fifth grader and so I guess just ruled her out! ๐Ÿ™‚ Good for me…

The school bus was going to drop her off at 4.10 pm. A and I were out at 4.00 and it was 4.45 before her bus came.ย  I had already called the school, the bus authorities and was having a panic attack! What if she had boarded the wrong bus, What if she had gotten down at some other apartment…ย  It was so nerve-racking waiting for her bus.. Apparently the first week of school, the bus schedules will be erratic, I was told. S came running to us, I half expected her to complain about her new school or lack of friends, but she was beaming! I asked her about the day and her I am quoting her verbatim ‘It was greatย  at school! How else would it me Amma?’

S is the second Indian kid in her school, another Indian girl is in fourth grade and my worry was only about her fitting into the class with all the cultural differences. Butย  she has been doing fine, In fact last Friday she came home with a note from a friend H in her classย  that said “This is my number. Call me so we can hang out with each other” and it was addressed – To my best friend S! ๐Ÿ™‚ So she already has a best friend at the new school. Also she kept insisting that i have to let her call her friend and invite her over.. I was and am still a little hesistant to do that. It is quite early and I would like to first hear from that kid’s parents before initiating the call! S has shared our numbers too with her. Anyway she was so upset that I did not let her call H and kept fuming that her relationship with H is going to be THROUGH because of me!! ๐Ÿ™‚

S would still be in I grade if the school had its way, by the rules here for her age she should only be in I grade; We toured multiple schools and found a school that would take her into II grade as she has already completed I std in India.ย  They assessed her and said she seems ready for II grade but the Principal said once the school year begins, if her teacher finds her not appropriate for II grade we have to let her move to I grade. We took the chance knowing S!! Anyway yesterday evening I got a call from S’s class teacher. She said S is doing great at the school and is very mature for her age and is a great listener. She also added that all the girls in the class seem to gravitate towards her and her lunch table is always full!! The best part was when she asked me to tell S to be a little patient with the teacher and that she is working on a tougher curriculum for her as she can clearly see that S is bored with what is happening in the class right now. So the teacher promised that she would get some advanced stuff for her and give her additional assignments to do at home as well!! You know academics here is a little slow during the initial years and only in middle school it gets really on par with our Indian grades. Anyway I dont have to worry about her getting demoted to I grade.. Hurray!!!

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