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Wish I grow up soon!

Well, I turned 33 last week and I mother two kids, but does that mean I am all grown up… Nope and this birthday proved it yet again!! I declared to my DH a couple of weeks back that this year we will not celebrate our birthdays but wait and later celebrate after I land in a job – Ours are quite close just 15 days apart! However from my childhood days, birthdays have always been special to me, even as I grew up, the attachment to it has not faded.. After two kids, still I get excited when July arrives… πŸ™‚ In fact now it does make me older, but that hasn’t affected how I feel about birthdays…

During childhood, the excitement may be because birthdays meant new dress and that too just for me and not for anyone else in the family!! Once June sets in, the excitement would begin and would only increase many-fold, once the birthday dress is purchased. I used to celebrate three birthdays every year : One – my date of birth, Second – the day my birth star falls and Third – The first Aadi Tamil month Friday ( I was born on the first friday of that month!).. Of course there was only one new dress reserved to be worn to school on the DOB.

During those days, I used to wait till the day ended and at night try to remember the friends who had missed the birthday and then begin questioning them the next day! πŸ™‚ that used to be the fun part.. But these days with the social networking sites, even people who may not know your birthday find the day and wish you promptly! So I am not able to corner my friends anymore.. that fun is lost, still this year there was one close friend G who had missed wishing me (apparently she hadn’t logged into face-book that day!) and guess what I did, called her and left a message prompting her to wish me.. πŸ™‚ So that’s how kiddish I am when it comes to birthday..

Back to the D-day, it was such another low-key day in the morning, that I wished I hadn’t said no celebration this year.. How can I not get at least a card in the morning right! Foolish me was looking for some surprise card or simple gift in the kitchen, I even checked the microwave, knowing that is the first stuff I use, to make coffee in the morning; I was like this would be a perfect place to keep my gift..Β  But once I knew my DH has taken what I told quite seriously, I moved around seeming alright, inside I was fuming, how it can turn out to be an ordinary day.. 😦 To make matters worse, when I spoke to folks back home, they did not remember it was my birthday and I was not feeling quite good to tell them myself.. And the worst bit was when they asked me to not forget to wish another relative the next day! 😦 Imagine my plight at that…Β  In spite of S telling them over phone about some surprise she was going to plan in the evening; she locked herself in her room when she said that but I was able to hear her nonetheless! Anyway after we hung up, I guess they did end up looking at the calendar so I got a call a hour later wishing me.. So I kind of forgave them and lied to them that what are birthdays when all I do is end up getting older.. πŸ™‚

As how always things end up getting worse once the day begins lousily, for no reason our western toilet started overflowing.. 😦 I called the apt office but I had to wait for an hour before that could be fixed. Protecting A from venturing in the bathroom while I used all the wash clothes and mats to soak up the water so the damage would be confined to the bathroom..Β  It was kind of a worst nightmare ever… My DH did offer to come back from work to fix this, and did not want me to do anything till he came in..Β  But I magnanimously asked him to continue working while I take care of it..Β  So after the plumber fixed the issue, I had to scrub the floor with bleach cleansers and take all the mats to laundry. It took better part of three hours before I could bring some normalcy to the home, meanwhile S and A were both screaming with hunger.. Ended up taking a second bath to feed them, and then returned to cleaning again.. It was QUITE a morning!!

We also had a dentist appointment for S that day, so had another proper bath after the cleaning ended, the third that day, I did not even feel like wearing a new dress. This is the first year when I have skipped wearing a new dress for the birthday.. There is alwaysΒ  a first right, so this was that day..Β  We went to the dentist appointment and that was when the day seemed to turn around for me! My kids as always charmed everyone there and wherever I turned, people were like you have beautiful kids.. And S talked a lot to the Dr, she had her list of questions to ask the dentist, starting from “Are tooth fairies real?” to “Why would my gums bleed at times?”. When the doctor asked her if she had moved in recently to the States, she gave a two minute long answer starting from where she was born to all the places she had visited and how she is not sure how long she will be here in the US now.. The dentist turned toΒ  me and said “I bet there will never be a dull moment at your household”. πŸ™‚

After the dentist appointment, S and my DH drove away from home to the mall nearby and then I knew what surprise they were talking about.. They let me and A at the play area and ventured into JCP.. I told my hubby to not let S get anything extravagant and as I knew S would be upset if I want to return it. Anyway the duo were gone for around 20 mins and brought back the wonderful thoughtful gifts.. I have to mention this; right in the middle of shopping, S ran to me hiding something behind her back and told me, “I am getting something for Appa but want that to be a surprise for him, so told him the gift is for you.. So please act so.”. She is a drama queen and even when she is picking one for me, she is dramatizing the situation, thinking she can confuse me with new facts!!

S got me a beautiful sterling silver necklace with a big S pendant and two hearts at both the corners of the letter S. She said one heart was her and the other A. I just loved it and wearing it everyday now. She has asked me to treat it like my thaali and not remove it! πŸ™‚ But then she did add, since it is letter S pendant and stands for Sahaana may be I can share it with her when she goes to school all dressed up some day!! πŸ™‚ So she picked up a gift that would suit her too, smart gal!! My DH got me a very nice sun glass black tinted. The one I have is with brown lens and have always wanted one black, he had remembered that and got me!!Β  We ended the day having my ever favourite mexican food! So that was how the day went!!

It was definitely not the lack of presents that put me off in the morning, I sure know better than to associate happiness to presents. It is just that growing up, birthdays were always dear to me, and somehow it was like THE special day and you get all the attention, my phone wouldn’t stop ringing and friends would pour in.. Now with all these additional growing up expected out of me due to motherhood et al, still my bday is a day when I slip in back to my teens and love and expect appropriate pampering, adulation and limelight! πŸ™‚ Is it too much to ask???

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