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Kids these days seem to know so much that even when they give excuses, they are not lame! The other day I took S for the July 4th Independence day fireworks. She was clearly scared when the lights were all out and the fireworks began. She did not want even me to know she was scared, so she asked me if I knew that there were actually ear drums in the ears and if they get exposed to too much noise, they would stop working and it would mean trouble. When I did not respond to her at all, being enthralled with the awesome display of fireworks, she literally shouted out “What Amma, do you want me to be deaf all my life? I am not even 7 yrs old and you want me to become deaf? It may be alright for you as you are old.” Then I told her if it were that bad, I would not have brought her out here. So I asked her to forget about the fear and enjoy.

Did that stop my darling? Nope!! She started blaming the Government for allowing all this noise and air pollution. 🙂 She was all freaked out and said when she becomes part of the Government, she would put a stop to all this. Wow, that was a shock to me, I did not know she had plans of becoming part of the Government. When I asked her later about how she thought she can become part of Government, she looked at me with the most amusing look and asked “What? Have you not heard of elections? I am going to get elected to the office.” So she did know what she was talking about. About 10 mins later she found me in the kitchen and asked if I would vote for her when she it stands. 🙂

S is attending summer school right now and is learning all about Ancient Rome and Ancient Egypt, it is like they are taking the kids through time. She is totally fascinated by all that she is learning and has been picking books from the library related to those topics. As she was reading through a kids book about Egypt, she was asking us about mummies and how different it is to wrap dead people into mummies from burning them off. I explained to her it is just the Egyptian way of preserving the dead, not wanting to venture into the topic of after-life! But hey she surprised me by asking, so by mummifying the body, there were preventing the circle of life? Whoaa.. that was surprising, though she has always been fascinated by what would happen when people die.  I did not know she could articulate her thought into the words ‘circle of life”.

S would always tell me how she used to watch me from heaven above, and how she decided on our wedding day that we should be her parents. She has this great imagination of how God Perumal fed her food and Muruga played hide and seek with her. She also thinks she chose A to be her brother when she met him at some God’s birthday party! All her rampant imagination and stories in heaven can make one big post by itself..

I think kids these days should slow down for their parents sake! I mean how much can you take a day..

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