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S is growing up so fast and I already feel like I am dealing with a teen! I know I sound so redundant. But what can I say when this is how I feel everyday when I deal with her. She surprises rather I should say bewilders us everyday with the new stuff she learns at school, and believe me it is not all academic! 🙂 She told A this morning, “Hey, I totally dig you man!” .  And she said yesterday, “What the heck is all this ruckus about?” again to her baby brother! He loves that he has her attention now.. And I clearly see S using A as a person to whom she can use her new idioms and phrases she learns at school and master them as well! She also tried using the wrong “S” word a couple of times and my hubby told her that will not be acceptable at home; immediately she asked  if it was acceptable when she is out with her friends..  Yeah, we have to be clear on the specific applicability of any rule we impose, she doesn’t want any room for ambiguity..  We keep advising her to use her inner voice when we are out, and she would try to keep her voice down, however when she found out she cant keep this on forever, she said she wanted to have a private talk with me! When I went to her room, she was like “Amma, I only have one voice, I don’t have a separate inner and outer voice. So please try to live with this one voice. Tell this to appa also so he understands this.” I was speechless!

S was telling me the other day that she actually has a boy friend, but it is not like love-love boyfriend just a friend-friend boy friend! Before I could ask her any question, she was like “What, can I not like a person?” What do you answer to that? I guess when we put her in the summer school we did not realize we had signed her up on an accelerated learning course to become an All-American-Gal!

The other day S and I were walking from my bank to meet my hubby at another bank where he had some business. As we were walking down, it so happened my hubby’s work had already got over and he was coming to pick us up. He saw us from the car from the other side of the road and turned around to pick us up. As S and I were waiting for the car to reach us, S asked me how did appa see you? Now you would understand why I had to totally explain the context in which the question was asked. I told her he should have spotted us from the car, of course.  Then she was like, Oh amma I want to know where appa saw you first and how did he think you were the right girl for him. I was kind of unprepared, so just got out with the facts. We were working in the same company and hence met. She started her stream of Qs, “So you just met and were friends and then started liking each other like love? and how come your parents knew about this? Did appa tell his parents and you yours? How did you know he is the right person?”  My hubby rescued me by picking us up just then, anyway i ended up telling our life’s story to her! 🙂 I did anticipate I had to answer such questions at some point, but did not think it would be this early!! Apparently, she has been intrigued by a discussion at her summer school and subsequent reading of a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon, where Hobbes sings the song,

“First comes love;

then comes marriage;

then comes baby,

in a baby carriage!”

Now she sings this song all the time. I hope she gets over this song and moves over!! A starts dancing to S’s song as well! It is funny to watch them both..


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