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This is the first year we are ‘celebrating’ Fatherโ€™s Day. S, from her summer school exposure, kept talking about the Father’s day and how good she is going to be to her father the whole of that day! It was amusing to watch her prepare for the D day. She even went to the extent of picking the outfit she would wear and as expected, she kind of avoided A in her plans. When I reminded her may be she should include A, she was like Amma, I am his first kid and so this is how it will be and may be next year when A can join!

S gave the following to her dad on Father’s day :

a. A beautiful handmade card in the shape of a tie, and she had written on the card, “Dear Daddy, I know that you love me. Now let me tell you that I love you so much. I love you, You love me We re a happy family. Dear Dad, Happy Father’s day. Lucky love, S”.

b. A ziploc full of Puppy Chow prepared especially for Father’s day meal by her, at the summer school. They were quite delicious I should add.. ๐Ÿ™‚

c. Two yummy cookies with cashew toppings, made again at the summer school in a ziploc that had Happy Father’s day written.

d. A card from Target, that again spoke about how much she loves her dad. It was a card for a dad from his daughter! When I suggested she pick up a card “From your kids” including A, she did not give in, but as an after thought got a separate card for a dad from his son for A’s sake. She wrote on both the cards on her own and V was pretty happy with the cards.

e. A special drawing on a plain white sheet – Father and Daughter.

S’s dad knew she was preparing a lot for him, so he tried to treat her to a little surprise the day before. On Saturday Dad and daughter were off to KungFu Panda 2. S was totally excited when she had reached the theater. She thought she was going for grocery shopping with her dad. This is what I love about V. He really knows when to be a fun dad and a serious dad. He is such an exceptional kind of dad!! Of course I still think MY dad is the BEST! ๐Ÿ™‚ May be my dad and V are in the same league..

I am grateful to God that my kids have the best kind of father, a man whom they can look upto and learn.

I remember how my hubby used to travel about 10 kms everyday after work, to see my daughter when I was at my mom’s place right after she was born. When he

was there, if by chance she is sleeping, he will just sit by her for the half hour watching/admiring her sleep and then he will be off to our place.He will not tolerate any of us disturbing her at sleep. He does the same for A now too. If the kids are sleeping, he wud rather mute us all! ๐Ÿ™‚ He cant stand us waking them up by any chance.

I know how upset he is the whole day, if he gets mad at S in the morning. I am sure he would turn out to be just the kind of dad Steve Martin is in “Father of the Bride”. I am not sure how he will handle her growing up to be a teenager! I am sure going to have lotsa fun watching the duo battle with each other.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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