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I was talking to my sister today and learnt how I have, without my knowledge hurt her through some sentiment I expressed in a group email I had sent. I never crossed my mind when I wrote that mail that my sis would be affected. I generally go great lengths to be sensitive to others feelings. In fact I go to such lengths that in the process I may get hurt myself. 🙂 But now I realize you can never be always ‘politically correct’.. When you try to be good to someone, as a ripple effect you ‘may’ hurt another party… Thatz the way of life…

Also when you try to be nice to people every time, it kind of  makes you expect a similar treatment yourself and you get terrible disappointment when it doesn’t happen. The problem here is the person from whom you expect may not really know you have been accommodating,and so they show no special reciprocation. Unless we turn Sadhu like and have ZERO expectations, it is better not to be mimic being nice, better to just be plain old self so life will be so much more simple.

When I got married I received the best advice from my close friend who was already married then. She told me “Now that you are going to expand your family circle, never do anything in the first few weeks of the marriage which you cannot maintain the rest of your life.  Like if you cannot get up at 6.00 am everyday better not to set that expectation by being up early the first week!”  The impressions and expectations are set only from the initial behavior of the people we meet. Later based on closeness and intimacy, we would try to tolerate mild deviations from expected behavior. 🙂

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